Project 2009


The following are photos taken and selected by he kids at the school

Al-Shurooq Online Gallery

Sensory Garden

concept development

Beit Jala, in Aramaic means ‘grass carpet’, using this as a staring point Melissa, Miriam and Ronald, will base themselves at Al-Shurooq School for 2 weeks this July to help create an interactive garden/play area: making sensory sculptural elements with the children.

grounds images_x2

Assuming there may be some difficulties in transporting materials/plants into the West Bank, they will utilise recycled materials found on site. The artists aim to incorporate a structure – perhaps in the form of a pergola – the children can enter and navigate through. For the garden they will source fragrant, brightly coloured plants and use continous lines in the design so as to encourage more involved ineteraction with the site.

Al-Shurooq – SITE PLAN


Rosita McKenzie

Melissa, Miriam and Ronnie have also been meeting with blind photographer Rosita McKenzie. She kindly invited the artists along to ‘Revealed’ project photo shoot, a photography project she is leading in conjunction with ‘Stills Centre for Photography’ for the visually impaired.

Revealed will open innovative creative opportunities for visually impaired people in Edinburgh. The project will provide critical exploration and practical photographic and sound skills’. – Revealed (

The artists have also talked to Rosita in lenght about her work as a photographer and how she came to use this medium as a way of self expression. The ‘Revealed’ exhibition opens at North Edinburgh Arts from 8 to 26 July 2009

This experience was invaluable in being able to observe how the collaboration of photographer and guide takes place in this context. Inspired by Rosita the artists would like to bring a number of disposable cameras with us to give to the children to use throughout the project. Their aim being, to have an exhibiton in the school of these photographs, in conjunction with audio, braille and textural interpretations.

Camelon Sensory Centre

The artists have also visited Camelon Sensory Centre, Falkirk on a couple of occasions, talking to different staff and volunteers there to gain a better understanding of the challenges that face the visually impaired. They recently volunteered at the Sensory Centre’s annual ‘famlies day’ taking part in music and art workshops with both children and parents alike.

‘The staff and volunteers at the centre have been emensly forthcoming and supportive. They’ve opened up their doors and tried to help us in anyway possible. Being involed in the ‘famlies day’ was invaluable hands on experience which will help no end when doing our own workshops with the children this summer‘ – Artists

Engagement with contemporary Palestinian artists

The artists endeavor to initiate a dialogue with emerging Palestinian artists working with Art School Palestine and Al-Ma’mal Foundation: opening up discussion around interdisciplinary collaboration on a local, national and international level.

ArtSchool Palestine ‘strives to provide artists with opportunities for networking, dialogue and cultural exchange. It seeks to showcase their work to a wider international audience and to facilitate educational opportunities and encourage critical debate.’ (

Al-Ma’mal Foundation ‘the main aim is to promote, instigate, disseminate and make art in Palestine. They envisioned Al-Ma’mal as a catalyst for the realization of art projects with local and visiting artists, giving at the same time special attention to working with youth and children.
‘ (


Upon their return, the artists will work collaboratively on producing a sensory exhibition based on their experiences travelling within the occupied territories and working with the children at Al-Shurooq.

In conjunction with this, their intention is to stimulate interest and discussion regarding contemporary art practice in Palestine by hosting an event with invited speakers.